суббота, 11 июля 2015 г.

Чёрные следки Burlesco / Short socks Burlesco [Edit]


Yesterday it was unexpectedly warm outside. If only I knew. So I was wearing jeans all day long but it was ok too, 'cause they are totally awesome;) Well I put my converses on to feel comfortable as I planned a long walk. Many things to do, you know. I wanted something light as a legwear so I unwrapped the brand new pack of microsocks by Burlesco. It's a cool brand, by the way, I have already tested their tights, and stockings, and knee-highs. Love all of them.

The front side is simple: there is only the name of the label and the capital letter B.

However the back side is full of information: the name of the label again, a short description of the product, what it is made of (90% poliamide and 10% spandex), the adress, the barcode and all the little signs explaining how to take care of the socks.

The socks by Burlesco look nice on feet. I was pleased to find that it's even kind of sexy.

If you wanna order them, write to Mslingva@gmail.com

Good luck with your hosiery experiments !


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