среда, 31 декабря 2014 г.

С Новым Годом! Bonne année! Happy New Year ! Feliz año nuevo! [Edit]

I just wanna say that this year was very bright, inspiring and full of different events. I am happy 'cause I started this little project. If you find something interesting or simply entertaining here, I am happy twice. Next year I'll go on writing about my precious little boxes and packs so stay tuned.
I wish you all to find something that you really like to do and share it with others. It's so cool to get to know that your neighbour is into theatre, or your niece is making tasty cakes, or your former classmate is good at being a creative mommy, or your friend is taking dance classes, or your ex is fond of travelling. We are all many-sided personalities and it attracts us to each other. This very fact makes me think that everything we do is not in vain. It means something to somebody. Take care and spend your holidays the best way you can!

Всем весёлых праздников. До встречи в Новом 2015-ом году !!!


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